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ترجمه مقاله Optimum Design of ARC-less InGaP/GaAs DJ Solar Cell with Hetero Tunnel Junction

The operation of hetero In0.49Ga0.51P–Al0.7Ga0.3As tunnel diodes has been evaluated, and an approach for optimizing the back surface field (BSF) layer of a InGaP/GaAs dual-junction (DJ) solar cell developed. The results show that the hetero In0.49Ga0.51P–Al0.7Ga0.3As tunnel diode transferred more electrons and holes and showed less recombination between the top and bottom cells with increased efficiency (g) in the InGaP/GaAs DJ solar cell. To achieve higher open-circuit voltage (Voc), GaAs semiconductor was investigated to match with Al0.52In0.48P with bandgap of 2.4 eV, and replacement of the bottom cell in the InGaP/GaAs DJ solar cell with such an Al0.52In0.48P–GaAs heterojunction increased the photogeneration in this region. In the next step, addition of a BSF layer to the top cell required two BSF layers in the bottom cell to optimize the short-circuit current (Jsc) and g. The thickness and doping of the BSF layers were increased to obtain the highest g for the cell. The proposed structure was then compared with previous works. The proposed structure yielded Voc = 2.46 V, Jsc = 30 mA/cm2, fill factor (FF) = 88.61%, and n = 65.51% under AM1.5 (1 sun) illumination.
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